Funtop '98
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Graphics competition

Graphics entries here!
Rank Title Made By
1.Extremely TeeRay/Extreme
2.Pray Spenser Winset/DG
3.Alf #13 Demiurge Ash/Eternity Industries

Music competition

Rank Title Made By
1.I must win a compo EA-Soft/Antares
2.ZX SOS Igoval/Antique

Demo competition

Rank Title Made By
1.Refresh Trackmo Extreme (D80) TAP!
2.Forever Digital Reality
3.Blame Stars Of Keladan & Speed Co.
 Airspace Ivan Roshin & Visual
  Crazy Love Power Group
  Emergency Real Masters
  Tv-X Die Krupps
  5th Element Eternity Industry - TAP (By Pol/Pht)
  Entropy ZX Maniacs & Time Keeper^MHCG
  Garlic Respiration UFO Group
  Katharsis Master Home Computer Group
  Adrenalize trackmo Global corp. - sorry, D80 only!
  Pressure Cyber Punks Unity - (D80 only??)
  Tyranny Syndrome
  Boom ETC Group

4K Intro competition

Rank Title Made By
1.Goa Exploder^Extreme
2.Dizzy Research Soft
3.Never Land Senat/Eternity Industries
 Clot Image Crew
 Oversun Doctor Max^Global corp.
 Rainbow Ivan Roshin & Visual
 Sdm Syndrome
 Tunnel ??????????
 4K Intro Simm^Phantom Family
 Arcanoid ??????????
 Dementia A.Rostov^Dementia corp.
 MegaColor MPS Group