Enlight '97
(entries will be updated...)
Graphics Competition:

RankPointsTitleMade By
2.73 Protect Crazy Digger & Deather/Intruders
3.51 Skull Dap/Gladiatorssoft
4.45 USSR STS/Megadate
5.44 Strelka. Mixer/Style Group
6.30 AbstrLov Radio Alex/Digital Reality
7.27 Pereh5 Graf/Style Group
8.26 Enemy_M Crazy Digger & Deather/Intruders
8.26 Time2Die ROM/SM/PGS
8.26 Funky MIC/PGS
9.21 Konan Mr.Nik/Flash Inc
9.21 PGSvsDR Terror+Radio Alex/DR, ROM+MIC/PGS
10.19 Robocop Spencer/Diamond

Demo competition
(unofficial results)
RankPointsTitleMade By
1.319Shit 4 BrainsProgress
2.284Binary LoveDigital Reality
3.096Power UpMegacode/Extreme
4.092Eye Ache 2 (TAP!) Code Busters
5.026Bizzare ConstructionBeermans/Extreme
7.011Infarct (D80) Real Masters
7.011 RayIvan Roshin
8.010AmigoDie Krupps
9.008Real ActionJordan/Reaction/Rush
9.008Cyber DreamPower Hackers Group
9.008NoumenonStars of Keldan+Speed Co/Extreme
10.006AbyssPower of Sound
11.004Burdensome dreamK3L Corp.
12.002RiseGlobal Corporation
??.???Acid RevolutionAlliance Team
-----The CubeTGM Crew

Music competition
Music entries here! (player (D80))

Thanks to the organizers of the E'97, this compo
was cancelled, so there are not any results :-(