Conversion utilities and add-ons for PC and Emulators

Here is the pack of utils to download
contains following programs:

Name Description Example of usage
0tapall.bat converts all .000 files into one .TAP D80/D40 -> .TAP
0tobin.exe converts .000 files into plain binary files If you don't need any headers ...
0tohob.exe converts .000 files into TR-DOS hobeta files D80/D40 -> .$?
0totap.exe converts .000 files into .TAP See above
autocut.exe cuts out files when cracking TR-DOS programs on PC
bdde-man.exe BetaDisk Dump Extractor Manual Help on BetaDisk Dump Extractor Quite complex prog, but I've neved used it. :) History of BDDE Text file
binto0.exe converts raw binary files into .000s If you do need headers...
bmp2scr.exe converts .BMP gfx files to ZXS 6912B .SCRs For anims/pics conversion
bmp2spec.exe converts .BMPs to .TAP (6912B) For anims/pics conversion
busy140.rom Busy's ROM image For whatever
convert.exe converts... (but doesn't work on my PC) Who knows converts between various emulator formats Conversion between .SNA, .SP, .PRG, .Z80
cwsdpmi.exe Dos Extender Necessary for some running several utils
D80toTAP Converts .D80 files to .TAP No comment
dir0.exe Displays content of .000 files No comment
dirhob.exe Displays content of hobetas (.$?) No comment
dirtap.exe Displays content of .TAP files No comment
disciple.exe Disk read/write conversion Useful for Disciple/+D users
disk2trd.exe Reads Betadisk diskettes, saves to .TRD ZX -> PC conversion for BETA users
emptytrd.exe Creates an empty .TRD file When you need to convert .$? files
hob2trd.exe Copies hobetas (.$?) into .TRD Beware of the order of .$? files!
hobcut.exe File scissors ;) When cracking TR-DOS progs/demos.
hobeta.exe Converts Betadisk diskettes onto PC Useful for Betadisk owners
hobjoin.exe File joiner When cracking TR-DOS progs/demos.
hobto0.exe Converts hobetas into .000s TR-DOS -> D80/D40
hofrmt.exe Formats a BetaDisk diskette. Useful for BetaDisk owners.
hofrmt35.exe Formats a 3.5' BetaDisk diskette Useful for Betadisk owners.
join.exe Joins files into one. For whatever
list.exe Displays .BAS files No comment
mcut.exe Cuts out files with fixed length. For whatever
out2voc.exe Converts .OUT files into .VOCs When converting ZXS sound files.
pcx2zx.exe Converts .PCX into ZXS 6912B .SCRs. For anims/pics from PC -> ZX Reads .VOC samples Conversion of ZXS sound files.
scl2hob.exe converts .SCLs -> .$? (hobetas) Some TR-DOS progs are in .SCLs
scr2bmp.exe Converts ZXS graphics onto PC. When transferring ZXS gfx.
spconv.exe Converts between many various formats Handling emulator files
Star remover Removes '*' after LOAD command in Basic files For TAP files only
tap2beta.exe Converts .000s and .TAPs into .$? Very useful one.
tap2tape.bat converts .TAPs to tape recorder Someone could use it ;)
tap2tape.z80 converts .TAP to tape via Z80 emulator For retro-minded ppl ;)
tap2voc.exe converts .TAPs into .VOCs (loading sounds) Who knows
tap3zxs.exe conversion utility for +3 users No comment
tapto0.exe converts .TAP into .000 For D80/D40 users to tranfer .TAPs to ZXS.
td2fdi.bat converts between .TD? (TeleDisk) and .FDI Useful for handling BetaDisk files.
td2trd.bat converts between .TD? (TeleDisk) and .TRD Useful for handling BetaDisk files.
tdcheck.exe checks .TD? (TeleDisk) files Testing files
tdcvt.exe converts .TD? between .FDI and .TRD Useful for handling BetaDisk files.
tdm.tap .TAP containing dissasembler for MultiFace Great cracking utility used in emuls!!! unpacks .TD? files. Useful for handling TR-DOS files.
teledisk.exe transfers BetaDisk files between PC and ZX For BetaDisk users.
trd2disk.exe copies .TRD images onto disk. For BetaDisk owners.
trd2hob.exe converts content of the .TRD image into .$?. When cracking TR-DOS progs/demos.
trd2tap.exe saves content of .TRD image into one .TAP When cracking TR-DOS progs/demos.
tsttap.exe tests .TAP files No comment
tzx2tap.exe converts .TZX (Tape ZX) into .TAP Great conversion utility.
write.bat batch file for easier hobeta conversion. When converting TR-DOS files.
writetrd.exe converts MS-DOS and .TAP files into .TRD When converting TR-DOS files.
z802tap.exe converts .Z80 snapshot into .TAP When converting emulator files.
z80dump.exe displays information about .Z80 files Useful when cracking .Z80s
zcop.exe complex utility for converting .$?, .FDI, .TRD Very useful.
zxc.exe graphics conversion utility When converting/transferring gfx files.
zxs3tap.exe converts +3 files into .TAP Very useful for +3 owners.
zxsview.exe views .ZXS graphics files No comment

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